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Undergraduate Program

  Fundamental and application classes on electrical and electronic engineering are provided in the Undergraduate Program.  


Fundamental Classes

Freshman's Seminar Introductory Seminar of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Creative Seminar  Discrete Mathematics
Complex Analysis Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations
Theory of Partial Differential Equations Numerical Analysis
Fourier Analysis Vector Analysis
Electric Circuit Theory Electronic Circuits
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves Electrical Instrumentation
Computer Programming Practice Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory


Application Classes

Information Mathematics Logic for Computer Engineering
Quantum Physics and Electronics Engineering Course of Mathematical Physics
Solid State Physical Engineering Electrical and Electronic Material Science
Electromagnetic Wave Theory Semiconductor Electronics
Integrated Circuit Engineering Digital Information Circuits
Information Transmission Information Theory
Computer Engineering Formal Languages and Finite Automata
Data Structures and Algorithms Applied Radio Engineering
Applied Communication Engineering Control Engineering
Electric Machine Electric Power Engineering
High Voltage and Discharge Engineering Design of Electric Systems and Equipments
Electric Power Application Electricity Act