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messageStudent life in Japan

Thanks to Ministry of higher education in Malaysia for offering me an opportunity to do my PhD abroad. I choose to study in Kobe University because of the internationally recognized professor in electrical and electronic department. I am impressed with the Japanese culture, especially the working environment and the time management. On the other hand, the beautiful scenery and interesting variety of building including temples, shrines, palaces and castles really impressed me. Study in Kobe University provides an opportunity for foreigner students to understand more about Japanese culture by providing Japanese classes and some other activities. Kobe city is a sophisticated town area where it can access to the other places and main city by train and buses. Besides, convenience stores can be found anywhere in Kobe and it provides a convenience life style here. It was a great experience to do my PhD in Kobe University as I gain my knowledge and skill in the area that I am interested especially in the area of machine learning and pattern recognition.


Annie Anak Joseph